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Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

However, I believe one of the most, if not the most, significant things that happened in Ruth’s life happened before she ever knew anything about Boaz.

I believe this moment is often overlooked because it was not the moment when she found her Boaz. This wasn’t the moment when Boaz pursued her, loved her sacrificially, and they lived happily ever after. We often tend to define our lives, or segment our lives, by the major events. Events such as finding our Boaz and living happily ever after. The reality is that the moment that is going on in Ruth’s life is a sad moment, because Ruth’s mother-in-law has made the decision to return home and she told Ruth and her sister-in-law to stay in their hometown.

Naomi telling Ruth and Orpah to stay with their people was all it took for Orpah to bow out and say, “no thanks” to going back with Naomi. However, on the other hand we have Ruth. Ruth now makes the decision and encounters the moment that would spark a change in her entire life. There is a phrase in verse 14 of Ruth 1 that I believe defines this moment and if we are not careful, we can gloss over this phrase and miss the moment that would change it all.

After Orpah made the decision to kiss Naomi goodbye and go home, Ruth “clung to her.” To Ruth, this was probably somewhat of an insignificant moment. To Ruth, it was more than likely just the decision she made in the moment because it didn’t feel right for her to abandon her mother-in-law, even though she had every right to not return back with her to Naomi’s home land. Naomi even told her, “Go back…”

“…you can’t get to major moments in your life without small steps. ”

Ruth told Naomi, “I’m sticking by your side.” This decision predicated everything else that would happen in her life. Ruth didn’t know this. She was simply being faithful to Naomi; doing what she believed was right for her to do.

The reality is that this decision was a small step of faith that would lead her into a place of total life change. Ruth didn’t know what was next, but she knew what she had to do NOW. This small step was just what was right for her, then. It wasn’t in this decision she received a new husband, but it was in this decision that would lead her to her husband. It’s the small steps that you might overlook, that will lead you to the significant moments that will change your life. You can’t get to the major moments without the small steps of faith. The same way Rome wasn’t built in a day; you can’t get to major moments in your life without small steps. Rome didn’t become what it was without small steps.

That little thing you think nothing of could be the decision you make that will lead to the changing of your life. The decision to clean the house for your spouse could lead to the shift in your marriage that you have needed. Doing your best in a job you hate could lead to the promotion that you’ve been wanting.

Ruth’s life was changed because she made the decision to MOVE. Major changes don’t come without a move of small steps.