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We are officially FIVE days away from our first Project Honor event ever. I can honestly say that there are few times in my life I have been more excited than I am for this weekend. With us being only five days away, I wanted to write a quick blog to share four ways that you can practically partner with us as we lead up to this event on Sunday evening.

1. Pray – We sincerely want and are asking for you to pray with us and for us as we enter into this event. We ask that you would pray for the volunteers that are going to be a part of this and that you would pray for everyone that comes. We are praying very specifically for there to be 25 people Jesus saves, for there to be 100 people who make commitments to hold out for honor, and that God would bring over 300 people to hear the truth from his word, what He has to say about holding out for honor in your sex life, and how that can change your entire life. Pray that they would also hear the love that He has for them and that they would fully hear the gospel through the entire evening.

2. Volunteer – Acts 3:1-7 opens up with this phrase, “one day Peter and John”. The passage goes on to tell about how Peter would eventually heal a man and share the gospel with him. We believe in and firmly support the one day that is mentioned here in Acts. The one day principle is about every time we gather together to worship Jesus and hear His Word taught that it is going to be someone’s one day. It is going to be someone’s one day to come back to Christ; their one day to surrender their life to Christ for the first time, or their one day where He drastically changes an aspect of their life. What we like to convey with this message is that when you volunteer, you are playing a part in someone’s one day. If you are interested in playing a part in someone’s one day and you want to be a part of this event visit: http://projecthonor.tv/#contact. We would love to see you partner with us in this way because we believe one of the most powerful ways to be involved is to be a part of seeing lives changed.

3. Give – We would love for you to be able to be a part of this event through giving financially. If you love the concept and connect with it in some way, we would love for you to financially sow into what God’s going to do in this event and future Project Honor events. There are two ways that you can give. One way is by going to the website: https://give.church/xd5r74p You can also give by texting  615-802-0095 with the amount of your gift followed by the word project.

4. Bring – One of the best things we can do as believers is to bring someone into God’s house and for them to be in a place where the Holy Spirit is moving among believers. If you are in the area or know someone in the area, do whatever you possibly can to get them to God’s house this Sunday night. We are expecting and believing God to do something so strong and so powerful as we come together, as we look at his Word, and as we worship Him. Life changing experiences are going to happen, so we ask that you would bring people with you. We’d also love for you to share this event on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are not already, follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@projecthonor, @shine_church, and @jdotlaw), and like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/projecthonortv/https://www.facebook.com/shinechurch.tv/).

These are four practical ways that you can pray for us and partner with us and our Project Honor event. I am really excited for this upcoming event Sunday. Our entire team has been working hard preparing for this event. We are believing God is going to do so much as we come together and as we host the first ever Project Honor event. We would love to see you there at 6 PM THIS Sunday night, September 25 at Pea Ridge Baptist Church.