Living In The Clouds

Have you ever gotten through a day and felt like nothing went the way it should? That you couldn’t do anything right? Or you were beyond frustrated with yourself, your attitude, and your circumstances? The problem in these times is not just our attitude, it’s our altitude. The lower our altitude, the tougher it is to choose the right attitude.

Every day we have the opportunity to choose the altitude of our attitude. Every time you choose an attitude, it either heightens or lowers your altitude. The attitude you choose is directly correlated to the altitude you view what you’re going through from. Every time you choose frustration over peace, greed instead of gratitude, or grief instead of joy, you are lowering your altitude.

“Your altitude determines the perspective at which you view your current situation.”

The higher the altitude, the better the view you have to view your situation. So, every time you choose joy over grief, gratitude instead of greed, or peace over frustration, your altitude heightens and you can begin to see your situation in a more Godly way.

What I have noticed is that our goal is to live life in the clouds. Somewhat like when iCloud was released; everyone began to store things in the Cloud and their whole life was kept there. They would forget the things they had in there or experiences they had taken pictures of to remember what happened until they accessed their iCloud. Their iCloud gave them perspective into their life’s work or experiences. When we heighten the altitude of our attitude, we are able to see things from the clouds. When we access our life from the perspective of the clouds, that is when we begin to see things as Jesus does.

The key to having the strength to choose the right attitude, and live life in the clouds, is to seek Jesus. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is sharp and as we study it, it judges our attitudes.

“Your attitude is not dictated by how good or bad your life is, but by the time you spend with Jesus.”