I am on a daily reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App with a teenager
in my youth group. Many people have this App and know there is a daily
verse on the homepage of the App that shows up when you first open it.

I do not usually read them when I am on the App, and I tend to be on the App, at least once a day to do the reading for that day. I was sitting at a local restaurant this evening and opened my Bible App to catch up on my reading, after being out of town a few days. I did what I always do when going to do my Bible reading; opened the app, waited for it to load, tapped the screen to try and make it load faster, and finally got to my reading for the plan that I am currently doing. This time something was a little different, when I tapped the screen, it was almost loaded, so I had accidentally hit the verse for today. I very impatiently tried to get off of it to get to what I needed, but it barely caught my eye. I said to myself ‘wait a second…’ and I went back to the verse. Today’s verse was actually two verses from Isaiah 55. This is what the verses said,

8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord. 9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I am at a point in life where I think I am ready for a relationship. Ask anyone who is close to me, and they will tell you the same thing, that I think I am ready. Funny thing, I think I am ready, however I am not in a relationship, nor am I close to having one. So, I think I am ready, but nothing is on the horizon. This equates for me being very frustrated a lot. Especially the last couple days, I had been thinking, “okay, I am definitely ready for this.” I have had many conversations with my closest friends about why has God not allowed something with a girl to workout. I have been very confused and frustrated. Then I read these verses today.

God’s ways are higher. This is not something complex such as the quadratic formula, or a linear equation, rather it is very simple, like addition or subtraction; God’s ways are higher. It was just at the time I was sitting by myself in a restaurant, on a Saturday night when most people have dates, that God reminded me of this simple truth.

Things are not going my way, because what God has for me, is not my way, and His way is higher. When we as Christians are frustrated with how things are, we must remember this, His way and thoughts are higher. When we are frustrated and do not get it, we can trust Him who has a higher way and higher thoughts than we do.