What Do I Look Like Again?

In week 2 of our current series “The Summer of Your Life” we looked at James 1:19-25. Our main focus in looking at these verses was verses 22-25. In verse 22 James tells us to be a doer, not only a hearer.

In week 1 of this series, we talked about the importance of making the right decisions and not giving into temptation no matter the circumstance, but what good does deciding to do that stuff if you do not act on it. James tells us to be doers. He wants us to become doers. The form of this word doer, shows a performance or productive action that leads to an actual result. So, we are to be becoming doers that leads to a positive result. Applying this back to week 1, being a doer by spending time in God’s Word will lead to an actual result of being able to overcome temptation when we face it.

James says that if we are simply only a hearer, we are deceiving ourselves. This word deceive means to cheat. To simply hear and not do what you hear, is to cheat yourself out of something greater you could have. This is the case with so many people in our churches. They come every Sunday because that is what they think they should do, and they hear a message from God’s Word, yet they never let the Words and messages they hear sink in, and they never do what they are challenged to do.

James uses an illustration in verse 23 and 24 to show his point. He says that anyone who is a hearer and not a doer is like a man who looks at himself in the mirror then walks away and forgets what he looks like. James uses a man in this illustration for a reason. Most women when they are getting ready look at the mirror until everything is exactly the way they want it. However, men just look at the mirror for a couple minutes and walk away and then forget what they look like for the rest of the day. James uses the man to apply the little amount of time that a man spends in the Word compared to a woman. This same scenario is the case in our churches today, women are the ones leading the way, while the men are riding shotgun. The challenge for week 2 in order to have the best summer of your life, is to be a DO! Get in the Word, both guys and girls, and do.